Vintage dresses of the 1950s were the starting point for my experimentation with clothes before I moved on to creating my own designs. Eventually, the hobby became my profession. I quit the Freie Universität (ethnology, journalism and theatre) to study fashion design at Lette-Verein Berlin.
Spurred on by being awarded first prize as a junior designer by Fashion Forum Berlin in my final year, I started by designing my own collections and assisting other designers with pattern-cutting.

Soon, however, I became intrigued by costume design for film and theatre. My chance came with the fabulous opportunity to collaborate on the design of fantasy costumes for a dream sequence (Jenseits von Blau). Over the next 10 years, I got to know the different genres and their particular costume requirements. I worked for many international productions in Germany and Europe, with an emphasis on film and dance theatre.

In 1998, after a year in London, I established my own costume and fashion studio in Berlin, becoming ever more involved with satisfying craftsmanship and in addition taking the step to professionalize my passion for pattern-cutting with CAD software.

Productions as a freelancer:

Hansel & Gretel, Witch Hunters | Feature film
Dir: Tommy Wirkola | Workshop Coordinator – 2011

Der Zauber des Regenbogens | TV
Dir: Dagmar Damek | Assistant Costume Designer – 2005

Cats on Tour Düsseldorf | Musical
Assistant Costume Supervisor – 2004

Cats Madrid | Cie Medios y Espectáculos | Musical
Assistant Costume Supervisor – 2003-04

Solange wir lieben | TV
Dir: Olaf Kreinsen | Assistant Costume Designer – 2000

Error 2000 | Feature film
Dir: Anders Engström | Assistant Costume Designer – 1999

Die Stadtindianer | TV
Dir: Michael Knof | Assistant Costume Designer – 1994



Contact Triptychon | Dance film
Dir: Lutz Gregor | Costume Designer – 1992
1 - 2 - 3

Der Tunnel | Tanzfabrik Berlin | Dance theatre
Dir: Claudia Feest | Costume Designer – 1992
1 - 2

Lost City Found | Dance theatre
Dir: Kurt Koegel | Costume Designer – 1992

Etwas wie Schatten | TV
Dir: Vivian Naefe | Assistant Costume Designer – 1992

L’amitié | TV series
Dir: Jürgen Klauss | Co-Costume Designer – 1991

Wer hat Angst vor RotGelbBlau | Feature film
Dir: Heiko Schier | Assistant Costume Designer – 1990

Der Bettler vom Kurfürstendamm | TV
Dir: Claus Peter Witt | Assistant Costume Designer – 1989

Marie, die Hexenmeisterin | TV
Dir: Hans – Henning Borgelt | Costume Designer – 1989

Shakespeare ‘Les Sonnets’ | Théâtre de la Bastille, Paris
Dir: Jean Jourdheuil | Assistant Costume Designer– 1989

Rosamunde | Feature film
Dir: Egon Günther | Assistant Costume Designer – 1988

Jenseits von Blau | Feature film
Dir: Christoph Eichhorn | Assistant Costume Designer – 1988